mi recomendacion : SELLING THE DRAMA

bueno live siempre me ha gustadfo, desde chiquita es una banda noventera con esos aires noventeros que admiro y me encantan asi como soul asylum esta cancion es hermoza, se las dejo para que la disfruten

and to love: a god
and to fear: a flame
and to burn a crowd that has a name
and to right or wrong
and to meek or strong
it is known, just scream it from the wall

I've willed, I've walked, I've read
I've talked, I know, I know,
I've been here before

hey, now we won't be raped
hey, now we won't be scarred like that

it's the sun that burns
it's the wheel that turns
it's the way we sing that makes 'em dream
and to Christ: a cross
and to me: a chair
I will sit and earn the ransom from up here

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